Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun at Family Camp!

We went to Family Camp last week at SABC near Champion, AB. I won the pumpkin carving contest. But the best part of the weekend, besides getting to hang out with family and friends, was hearing a great message from the Bible on loving God and loving your neighbor. It was a blast!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interview on WhoHub

I was invited by WhoHub to talk about my career in animation. It was fun.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stuff I've Done...

2-D Demo:

3D Test Animation for Nelvana (I did the "dinosaur" shots):
This was my first ever exposure to Maya 3D. It was a lot of fun.

Test Animation for Flash Logo

Podium Participation Funds Infomercial - Flash Animation

Generic Art School Commercial, Created with Flash

Benevity Corporate Video:

The latest corporate video for Benevity, "Spark."

One of the "Spark" out-takes that I wished had survived

Excerpts from Red Moon Pet Food Commercial

Animated Presentation at OCHEA 09/19/2011
This was a lot of fun. I spoke about the benefits of homeschooling and got to do a little animation to keep my chops up.

Storyboard Samples...



More Stuff I've Done...

Character Designs:

2D Flash Series in Development...

Exploration of characters for a short film project...

Photoshop Stuff:

Just For Fun:

Drawing storyboards on Being Ian was fun.
Ian was always imagining himself in cinematic roles
so we got to play around with a lot of ideas.

Graphic Art

Stuff I did while I was working for a local art college.

Stork Sketches: References For Design Project


Don Boone

16248 10th St S.W.

Calgary, Alberta T2Y 2W1


? Career Summary

Client-oriented professional with over 20 years experience in Film, Animation, and Teaching responsibilities. Proven record in streamlining operations, increasing productivity and leading projects to fruition. Hands-on leadership style with excellent communication skills. Facilitate teams to performance excellence within a rapidly changing industry.

Consistently recognized for exceptional organizational and planning abilities, balanced with interpersonal and people-development skills. Instructed classes of up to 16 students, focusing on Classical Animation within a 3-D course. Strong record of proactive problem-solving, program innovation and high achievement of performance goals to meet client expectations.

? Employment

Vancouver Animation Industry March 1990 to June 2009

Director / Director Assistant / Animation Supervisor / Animator / Layouts / Storyboards / Cleanup Artist / Editor

· Disney Studios(Vancouver), Delaney & Friends Cartoon Productions Ltd., Bardel Animations Ltd., Natterjack Animations Ltd., Studio B Productions, Barking Bullfrog Productions, Atomic Cartoons, and Neptoon Studios.

? Professional Accomplishments

Animation Director

· Nilus The Sandman:Sandman Stories (Nov '95)

· The Littlest Angel (Sept '96)

· The Littlest Angel's Easter (Apr '98)

· Alberta Dairy Board (Jun '98)

· Bangs And the Tank (Sept '98)

· The Legend Of The Candy Cane (Jul '01)

Animation Supervisor

· Nilus The Sandman: The First Day (May '92)

· Nilus The Sandman: Monsters In The Closet (Apr '93)

· Pfish and Chip (Hanna/Barbara) (Aug '93)

· Legends Of The Land (Lacewood) (Oct '94)

· The New Adventures Of Mother Goose (Wink Martindale) (Jan '95)

Animator / Assistant

Television Commercials

· Mark's Work Wearhouse (Nov '91)

· Lotto 6/49 (Oct '91)

· Capcom's Vac Pac Toys (Nov '95)

· Alberta Dairy Board ad campaigns (Aug '95, Jun '96)

· Papa Gino's Pizza (Mar '95)

· Sasktel: Message Manager (Mar '99)

· PSA: Schizophrenia Society of Alberta, Calgary Chapter (Jan '05)

· Info-mercial: Podium Participation Funds, Director/Animator (Sep 2009)

Television Programs

· Nilus The Sandman: The Boy Who Dreamed Christmas (Apr '91)

· Christopher The Christmas Tree (Jul '91)

Feature Films

· Werner II (May '95)

· Little Mermaid II (Jul '99)

Short Films

· Pen Pals (Feb '04) Awards: 2005 – Sarasota Film Festival – 31st Alberta Film & TV Awards

Storyboard Artist

* The Fly (Apr '99)

* Marsupilami (Jul '99)

* Flying Rhino Jr. High (Aug '99)

* George And Martha (Sep '99)

* Corduroy (Apr '00)

* What About Mimi? (Jul '00)

* Being Ian (Apr '04)

* Reader Rabbit (May '04)

* New Adv. of Frosty the Snowman (Jun '04)

* Being Ian: 2nd Season (Feb '05)

* Chaotic (July ‘06 to July ‘07)

* Edgar & Ellen (July ’07)

? Animation Skills

þ Animation Instruction and Training

þ Organization & Time Management Skills

þ Submitting a production report

þ Computer proficient: USAnimation, Photoshop, Flash, Premiere, After Effects

þ Layouts and posing

þ Lip assignment

þ Audio-Visual post production

þ Proven ability to reach a targeted goal

þ Film & Animation

þ Solid interpersonal skills that lead to a productive working environment

þ Sound breakdown & Character design

þ Storyboarding

þ Sheet timing

þ Knowledge of re-write deadlines

þ Excellent supervisory skills

þ Personal management

? Instruction History

Art Tech College, Calgary AB Sept 2007 to July 2009

Full-time course in Multimedia and Animation / College Administrator

Multimedia Instructor: Curriculum development and delivery in digital arts, print media, and animation. Classical Animation: Delivery in Animation Layouts, Storyboarding, and Flash Animation Production. College Administrator: Responsible for student admissions, record keeping, and all correspondence between students and Head Office.

Sprott-Shaw Community College, Calgary AB

Full-time course in Classical Animation Nov 2003 to Jan 2005, Sept 2005 to July 2006

Part of their 3-D program, the course teaches industry technique and covers the principles of animation, layouts and backgrounds, film theory, design and composition, storyboarding, animation production, and life drawing. Course content delivered in lecture form and one-on-one instruction.

Applied Multimedia Training Centres, Calgary AB May 2002 to May 2003

Full-time course in Classical Animation

Part of their 3-D program, the course teaches industry technique and covers the principles of animation, layouts and backgrounds, film theory, design and composition, storyboarding, animation production, and life drawing. Course content delivered in lecture form and one-on-one instruction.

BCIT, Burnaby BC April 1998 to July 1998

Part-time course in Classical Animation

Part of the 3-D program, the course covered basic principles of animation, storyboarding and animation cleanup. Course content delivered in lecture form and one-on-one instruction.

? Training

INSTRUCTIONAL TRAINING – Sprott-Shaw Calgary AB August 2004

Seminar on Learning Styles and Course Instruction


Seminar on Learning Styles and Course Instruction

Delaney and Friends Cartoon Productions, Vancouver BC 1990 - 1997

On the job training in Animation:

Animation, clean-ups, layouts and posing, storyboarding, design, supervising, directing, editing, management.

Beyond Graphics Ltd. Vernon BC 1980 - 1986

On the job training as Commercial Artist:

Introduction to animation, Illustration, Color separation, Videography/Photography, Cinematic lighting & effects, Film & Video editing, Painting, Design & composition, Paste-up artist, Model building, Sign painting, Puppetry.

? References

Bardel Animation, Producer: Athena Cho, 604-484-1633

New Media Campus / Art Tech College, Instructor: Steve Rabatich, 403-228-1923

Studio B Productions, Director Josh Mepham, 604-684-2363